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“The go-between wears out a thousand sandals.”

– Japanese Proverb

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Typical mediations deal with issues about business, real estate, neighborhoods, and homeowner associations. Mediations can also cover family members, landlord-tenant, neighbor-neighbor, and employer-employee. Sometimes these conflicts could revolve around personal differences or miscommunication, rather than legal issues. These situations are all ideal candidates for conflict resolution. Cases for mediation can arise from a variety of ways; they may be court imposed, referral from the party or party’s attorneys, or from a party’s prior experience with mediation.

The mediator facilitates dialogue between the parties to help them develop their own resolution to their issues and concerns. The mediator works with all the parties to help them communicate their needs or desires. Mediators do not give legal advice or act as your attorney. Being a “Neutral,” mediators do not take sides or impose decisions.

The participants in mediation are the actual parties involved in the dispute. Participants have full authority to settle the case at the mediation session.


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