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“I like to listen.
I have learned a great deal from listening carefully.
Most people never listen.”

– Ernest Hemingway

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A major component of mediation is listening; listening actively. Mediation has an unbelievably high rate of success, somewhere in the high ninety percentile. I bring my unique and individualistic style, wisdom, and management experience to your customized session. Although I am neutral, I partner with you and your adversaries for the purpose of achieving a collaborative, stable, and satisfactory resolution!

Under one roof, in one room, where both parties come together, resolution can come. I do not dictate change; I simply work with the parties involved for them to come to a satisfactory conclusion. You might hear where mediation is “win-win.”
More importantly to me, it is ‘GAIN-GAIN!”

Both parties GAIN understanding of the others needs.

Both parties GAIN acceptance of their own thoughts and decisions.
Both the hard work and outcome are theirs and theirs alone.

Both parties GAIN the respect of each other with their goodwill and integrity.

If I can help facilitate this, then I am successful as well!

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